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Nijlicht Eemshaven

Groningen Seaports has also a office in Eemshaven: Nijlicht. From this office the excursion 'Zout aan de Broek'  takes place.

MFR Nijlicht
Visiting address:

Schildweg 16
9979 XR Eemshaven



Contact with Groningen Seaports

Please feel free to contact us if this website has evoked your interest or you have any specific questions. You will also be guaranteed a warm welcome at our office in Delfzijl.

Head office Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl

Groningen Seaports NV
Visiting address:
Handelskade Oost 1
NL-9934 AR Delfzijl

Postal address:
Postbus 20004
NL-9930 PA Delfzijl

T. +31 (0)596 640400

T. @groningerhavens

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Postbus 20004
9930 PA Delfzijl



Brainwierde Weiwerd
Havenvisie 2030
Eemsdelta Vastgoed

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