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Overheids-NV (Government PLC)
Groningen Seaports became a government PLC as of 14 June 2013. A government PLC is a private law legal entity and as such is covered by the rules of private law. This is in contrast to the common alliance which is mainly covered by public law. As a government PLC, Groningen Seaports can distance itself more easily from governments, so that the organisation can operate more commercially and effectively and can cooperate with others. At the same time, the “Gemeenschappelijke Regeling Havenschap” (common ports alliance) for Groningen Seaports is the sole shareholder for the time being.

The new government NV comprises a general shareholders meeting, a board of commissioners and a director. Harm D. Post, the current director of Groningen Seaports, will hold this position and will be accountable to the board of commissioners. The increasing scale and complexity of the business has resulted in the proposal to include not only three political members but also two external members in its board of commissioners, upon establishment of the NV. Furthermore, the Gemeenschappelijke Regeling is the sole shareholder of Groningen Seaports, and comprises representatives of councils, executives and boards of the province of Groningen, and the municipalities of Delfzijl and Eemsmond.

Groningen Seaports manages an area of approximately 2600 hectares

Groningen Seaports is the port authority and commercial operator of the port of Delfzijl, Eemshaven and the adjoining industrial sites. The company provides the complete package of port services to its industrial and SME clients, from logistics services to the issue and maintenance of the sites in both port regions. Groningen Seaports manages an area totalling approximately 2600 hectares. Groningen Seaports also comprises two inland ports: Farmsumerhaven and Oosterhornhaven. The location, the range of various types of business sites, the infrastructure, the space and the attractive land prices make the sites of Groningen Seaports ideally suitable as a place of establishment. Both ports are well equipped for the storage and transhipment of a wide range of goods.

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