De Waddenzee

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Onze omgeving

Developments at both Eemshaven and the port of Delfzijl are taking place at a fast pace. Huge investments have already made with the arrival of new industries and companies, and further investments are on the way. But there have also been many changes in the infrastructure area, related both to water and to land. This has not gone unnoticed by those in the direct vicinity.

Groningen Seaports attaches great importance to good communication with its surroundings. It is therefore desirable to actively inform the various target groups about how these new developments are progressing. Nearby residents are an especially important target group. After all, the developments are taking place in their back garden, as it were. Groningen Seaports sets out to keep nearby residents as well-informed as possible, based on personal presentations at town halls, newsletters and working visits. As well for local residents, there is also a proactive communication process for various other target groups, such as lobby groups, companies, directors, the media and ‘the general public’. This is done on a personal basis wherever possible. 

This communication strategy is also intended to strengthen the position and image of Groningen Seaports as an important player in the Netherlands (and the North in particular). Communication is a critical success factor for the success of the overall project. It is an important means of cultivating understanding for the activities of Groningen Seaports, but also of placing Groningen Seaports on the map. After all, we are proud of all these developments in the Northern Netherlands!


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